Dreaming of kit

After having a few days off from work i have had time to surf the net. There are a few bits of kit i would like to get before my money disappears with the birth of our first child.
First off a new sleeping pad. I have ben looking at the neoairs but to be honest iam not that sold on them. I’m worried that they will not survive very long before getting a hole in it. I no longer use a tent so i find that when using tarps and bivvying you are more in contact with the bare ground so more chance to puncture. So i started to look at the torsolights and prolite shorts. I think i will most likely go with the prolite xsmall but this may change as iam still looking at the torsolite pads but i think it is a bit small.
Next i need new walking poles i had originally looked at Alpkit carbonlights but have since liked the looked of the new trail blaze poles by mountain king.
I have also been thinking about changing to the aquaguard inline eliminator water filter so that i can use it with both my platypus and with a simple drinking bottle as i find the travel tap a little bit hard to squeeze to fill up a 2lit platypus.
So they are my main items that iam after now i just hope that i can get some of them for my birthday in september.
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