Kentish Cob Nuts

Well that title will up my readership.I noticed last weekend when i was out collecting blackberries a profusion of Cob nuts,i’ve never seen so many.It seems to be a bumper year fro the nut i just hope the damn squirrels don’t get to them all first before they ripen.
I also noticed that there were a lot of sloes as well so maybe we are in for a very bountiful natures harvest this Autumn.Lets hope so
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2 Responses to Kentish Cob Nuts

  1. Clare says:

    I\’ve noticed on my lunch time walks lots of Cob Nuts too, along with loads of apples, a laden pear tree, and even one that looks like peaches!! Have picked loads of bullaces and made jam with them, off out blackberrying tomorrow 🙂

  2. mike says:

    hope to get out on saturday for a forage but so much work to do on the home i may not get the chance until towards the end of september

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