Life update

Well i did have a 48 hour pass for this weekend,so what happened.Well the first 24 hours was lost to some crazy Russian billionaire who booked a party for friday night so i ended up working.So i thought i would get away on saturday as Adriana was having her baby shower.I got the food all ready for her this morning and with gales blwing and the rain moving in the horizontal direct i started to pack my bag.After several views of the bbc and met office sites and more phone calls to my parents in sussex and even more looks out the window i convinced my self that it was too wet and miserable to go camping.And what happens,ill tell you the wind drops the rain stops and the clouds depart for a reasonable night,BOLLOCKS sorry for that but iam disappointed in myself,i knew deep deep down i should of gone.I have also more than likely missed out on a night under the tarp now.The baby is due on christmas day so thats 6 weeks away and i have only one free weekend between now and then and i still have to hand paint winnie the pooh and friends on to the walls of the nursery.
Oh well looks like iam off to mothercare tomorrow.
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