Happy New Year

Happy new year to all readers of this blog.Sorry if the content has been missing over the last few months but Adriana’s pregnancy,then my crazy busy christmas work schedule and to finish off the birth of our beautiful daughter Sophia on the 22nd Dec was a great finish to 2009.
2009 was a poor year for getting out and about in the wilds.No trips to the mountains but did get a few trips out to ashdown forest for overnight camps and 3 days mountain biking lightweight style along the south down ways.The upside though was that i have started to fine tune my walking gear.I have moved away from using a gas stove[msr pocket rocket] to using a wood burning stove[bushbuddy ultra] it may not be lighter as i carry dry wood and tinder as well as a few solid fuel tabs as well but i enjoy the experience alot more.On the clothing front i just need to sort out a light weight layer system for hands and feet to cover year round walking.I an slowly moving away from manmade fibers so we will be looking out for some merino base layers.Iam very intrested in the BPL merino hoody.
I have found over the year that i can fit my kit for up to 3 days into a 32l omm pack[Jirishanca], a great pack.So if 2010 is good to me i may look at a new pack agian so i can save weight.I have already looked into replacing some of my stuff sacks with cuban fibre ones.
I need to replace my Thermarest mat have have looked at getting a small neoair which again will save weight and i also have to replace my walking poles,mountain king poles look the business.
On the shelter front iam happy with the tarp for solo use but as i hope to get Adriana out wild camping and eventually little Sophia i will have to look at getting some form of tent as i hope that in 7 years time to take part in some of my friends long distance hike across europe.I like the look of the golite shangria la 3.
So thats about it for outdoor stuff.
One think that 2009 taught me is that team work in a relationship is so important.
So as 2010 begins i have the adventure of learning to be a father to look forward to and watching my daughter develope into a little person hopeful i can teach her what i have learned over the last 40 years and iam sure she will teach me a thing or two. We hope to travel to Brasil some time after May to see family and friends and i would love to get a couple of days to go hiking there.
iam sure ill fit a few overnighters in over the next few months down in sussex and i would love a week away somewhere to go hiking,who knows.
I hope 2010 brings you everything that you have hoped for.
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