shiny new toys

I just ordered a merino wool buff, merino wool 150 weight boxer shorts, and a couple of pairs of coolmax liner socks.The socks are to try out under my sealskinz during winter if i ever get out.
I also have on my wishlist a neoair, a aquaguard elimintor water filter, a pair of mountain king poles, some goodies from zpack, a merino UL hoody and if i ever get enough spare cash either a OHM pack from ULA or a MLD 2009 exodus.
My goal this year is to hone my kit so that i can get down to 6kg base weight,or even lower if possible.I think my summer base weight could easily drop below the 6kg mark but i think my winter kit would struggle.
Well i have all year to play with kit to find out what works best and to get rid of any un used items from my sundries bag etc.
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One Response to shiny new toys

  1. Baz says:

    I\’ve been using Liners under Seal Skinz for a couple of years and it\’s a top idea. I\’ve been using a pair of Smartwool Merino ones and, as Tony the Tiger said,They\’reeee Great! 🙂

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