happy belated birthday

It was my blogs 2nd birthday yesterday.I can’t quite believe that iam still blogging 2 years on normally a diary last for a few weeks. I would like to thank all those people who visit the site for their support.
Now thats out of the way lets get down to business.The snow has finally left London and all we are left with is a soggy mess.I enjoyed the snow whilst it was here,it brought back childhood memories but i was disappointed not to be able to get out for a weekender.I would of loved to have tested the tarp out in snowy conditions and a night out at my favorite camp spot with a lovely little fire would of been magical.Maybe next time.
So far i ahve a new merino buff which ive been using in the cold weather and i have to say they are great.I love mine it is so warm.The 150 weight boxer shorts have not been tested.
Other new kit is a velbon v-pod tripod weighing in at 277g,my last tripod weighed about a kilo so a good saving there.Not yet used it but it will be going out with me on my next trip.
Also in the post i have a aqua gear elimintor water filter and a set of mountain king trail blaze poles coming from Bob at Backpackinglight.co.uk
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