The last two mondays have seen me restart my boxercise training and this week i upped the programe with a one to one session with my personnel trainer which was on thursday and iam still aching from it.Today with the snow gone i got out for my first 5k run,shame it was chucking it down.Managed a respectable time of 29 min dead but i have to admit not sure if i did 9 or 11 laps of the park.If it was 9 then i was a bit short of 5k and 11 would of taken me over 5k.
Part of the reason for all this exercise is that we spend all this money on lighting the loads on our backs but sometime forget about how much weight we carry around our waists.Iam no exception having not exercised for 8 weeks i have a noticable bulge apperaing again in the midrift area.So with a mixture of training and no more late night bingeing i hope to turn the fat into musle therefore giving me more strenght and stamina when i get out onto the hills next time.
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