new kit, first impressions

Last week saw a couple of parcels arriving at Puppy towers.First up was aparcel from Bob and Rose at A new set of walking poles from mountain king.On first impressions they are very light.I have not had a chance to weigh them.I wanted a light set as over the years i have started to use them less and less but still need them for poles for the tarp and they are good for river crossings and walking on rocky ground.Of course they will get tested when i get out next.Also in the parcel was a aquaguard elimintor water filter.I have been using the travel tap for the last year or so and has worked well but it is hard work filtering 3 liters of water so wanted something i could set up on a gravity feed system which lead me to the elimentor.Again the system will get tested out next trip.
The other parcel was my drinking tube for my platypus so that i can set my filter system.Full test with weights will flow when i next get a chance to escape to the country.
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