Sorry for the lack of posting recently but been very busy with Adriana’s family who have been over here from Brazil and just getting on with things now that we have a daughter.She seems to take up so much of our time that i wonder how we will ever get any thing done in the future.
I have also taken upon myself to make sure that we start to shop for food outside of supermarkets as iam sick and tired of excess packaging and the insane crowds that seem to always be in supermarkets.i now make my own bread every week.
On the outdoor front i hope to get out soon with a overnighter or even two nights down to sussex,maybe for the spring equniox.
Iam on the look out for a new rucksack for multi day hikes so far the Golite pinnacle 2010, ULA ohm, and MLD prophet or burn.I like the golite as its the cheapest and the biggest 70 odd liters and would be good for future hikes with adriana and sophia,the ohm is around the 50liter mark but weighs in about 600grams which would be a massive 1kg saving over my current multiday pack,a gregory z55.the MLD packs are even lighter but both the MLD and ULA packs our over £100 and will also have to pay customs,dilemas any one got any ideas.
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  1. Baz says:

    If you\’re lucky you might be able to pick up a 2009 version of the Jam or Pinnacle at a vastly reduced price. I used to own a Z55 but never got on with it, I sold it through Gumtree and used the cash to buy another bag. I had an OMM sack that was too short for my back that I did the same with that. My current multiday bag is an Osprey Exos the long back length is 49l, but I think that\’s conservative. It\’s like the Z55 but lighter and easier to pack.

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