March update

So we are nearly a quarter way through the year and still ive not managed to get a night out under the stars, a combination of work,new baby and lack of overnight passes from the Boss[capitals important].
The first 3 months of the year have been kind with work and ive been pretty solid with work, up until now that is. I now have two weeks off.
Life as a father has been amazing, Sophia is now 3 months old and is such a easy going little person.She is everything that i could of asked for.Everyday we get to see a different side to her but touch wood so far she has turned out to be a very happy baby.Iam so looking forward to the long lazy days of summer when i can get her and her mum out to the country for picnics and mucking about in the fields and woods.
The race i was training for as come and gone and i missed it.Firstly managed to strain a calf muscle whilst out running during a particularly cold evening then when that was healed i started to suffer from very sore achilles especially my right one.I finally managed to get to see a doctor and i have achilles tendonitis.So i have started a course of physio which seems to be doing the trick though it is still a little sore so ill have to stay away from running and boxercise for a few more weeks,which gives my belly a chance to reappear.
Now that i have two weeks off iam spending some quality time with Sophia and getting some time in the garden.The garden has been dug and tidied up.Ive even managed to get head with seed planting.Tomatoes,beetroot,spring onion,radish,mange tout,chilli and coriander.Broad bean seedlings have been planted and in the next few days once the weather clears the early spuds will go in.
Now i mentioned earlier about the lack of passes well i have one in my grubby little hands and iam off to the wilds of Sussex for two nights starting on monday lunchtime after my physio appointment.Of course the weather has turned slightly damp but iam sure ill have a great time.Walking distance will be on the low side but i intend to enjoy the countryside and the spring that is exploding everywhere.I have just finished reading Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane,a great read and really opened my eyes to the wild places around you.You don’t need high mountain peaks for a taste of the wild.
Anyway i must be off, got a bag to fill with kit.Kit report and trip report to follow.
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  1. Carlos says:

    becoming parents is not easy. the important thing is have a good time with your baby and your wife as parentas as well. ALSO important, have a good time with your wife as a couple. that last requires somebody to watch the baby for a day or a night so you can have that quality time together as a couple.nice blog,have a good day

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