Well iam back

Well i think i should of packed a pack raft.It really decided to tip it down over the course of 24 hours,every footpath had turned into a stream and the fields were slowly turning into ponds and lakes.But saying all that i still returned with a smile on my face even if i did wimp out and return to my nice dry, snug bed.

Quick Trip Report :-

I left Ashurst station in Kent at about 11.00AM the day was blustry but dry,conditions under foot were wet but i made good going.I was heading towards the Medway river valley. Daffodils were out and the trees were just breaking into bud or in some places the first leaves were showing,mainly on the horse chestnuts.
I followed the river for a couple of miles.The river was very full but still a couple of metres off bursting its bank.5 minutes from the village of Hartfield the heavens opened,waterproofs were quickly put on.I made for the pub for a restoring pint of Harvey’s.Pint downed it was back out into the rain.By now the footpaths were running with water and my shoes where soon soaked through,thankfully i had my sealskinz on which kept my feet toasty warm.
By 4.30pm i decided too stop for the night,i was near to one of my favorite camp spots underneath a old yew tree.I soon had the tarp up and was out of the rain.Before long the bushbuddy ultra was on and i had water boiling for a nice cup of hot miso soup.I decided that being winter,well it felt like winter i would attempt to have a small fire to warm me up and lift the spirits.fire lighting was a bit of an effort but i was succesful even in the pouring rain.Dinner then hot chocolate followed and by the time i settled down for the night the moon was turning everything silver with its light.The owls kept me company until i fell asleep.
When i woke the rain had returned so i settled down inside my bivibag whilst i waited for my morning coffee.I decided to walk out to Forest Row then see how my Achilles was feeling as i had a bit of pain in the night from it.Luckly the rain stopped whilst i was drinking coffee so i packed up and got on the trail,eating my home baked bread and honey for breakfast.Just before i left the rain returned and it stayed with me another hour.
I took it slowly today and spent time enjoying the first showings of spring,the first buds opening,birds in song everywhere,here and there the odd woodland flower out and the first signs of Ransom’s.
The rain stayed away until after lunch.I had lunch in Forest Row,a simple ham sandwich,bowl of chips and a pint of Harvey’s.I made the decision to finish the walk in East Grinstead and headed back out.No sooner had i left the village,it started to rain and it rained until i reached the station.
I had a great 24 hours just wish the weather had been kinder so i could of stayed out longer,oh well there is always next time.
I will follow on later wth the kit report,there never seems enough hours in the day at the moment.

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