last fridays overnighter

Well had my 24 hour pass last friday and i hit it perfect with the weather.siunshine all the way then a lovely sunset and a star studded night.I did not walk very far due to my achilles as last time i was out it really hurt.Spring really felt like it was finally here,the trees were just bursting in to leaf with some hawthorn in bloom.The wood land flowers were in full swing to,celandines,wood anaomoes,even the odd bluebell.I managed for the first time to find wood sorrel,a lovely herb which i did try,lemon flavour and of course wild garlic was every where.The birds were feeling frisky too,blue tits,bearded tits,great tits,chaffinch,a warbler of some description,blackbirds,thrushes,robins and even a pair of buzzards performing mating flights and looking for a nest site.after setting up camp i just sat with my back against a tree and watched and listened as dusk fell.Finally saw a sparrowhawk and what i believe was a tawny owl and heard the first nightjar of the year.
Had a lovely sleep but did wake around four slightly cold as the night had been so clear.Woke to another amazing day so took a leisurely walk back to east grinsted.Saw the first housemartins of the year and a grass snake which was basking on the footpath in the full sun and gave me quite a turn as i was daydreaming and its movement made me jump.
Anyway had a great overnighter,made up for the wash out the week before.Sorry this is a bit short and all over the place but a bit busy at the moment as i have returned to work and i have just found a plot of land through landshare that i can grow vegetables on so have my work cut out at the moment.
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