A Sunday walk

Sunday started off wet and windy but by 10am the clouds had cleared so I jumped at the chance to get out for a walk and blow some cobwebs away and explore.I have not had a chance to explore the surrounding countryside much since moving to Oxted and was desperate to get for several reasons, 1.I wanted to see where the locals go for mountain biking as i am about to dust of the cobwebs and get out biking again 2. i wanted to scout out any possible bivi sites for future trips out,3. i need to get fit,[more about that in another post].

I threw together some kit,my Tibetan 900ml pot and my snow peak mug along with the bushbuddy ultra,a bag of dry wood,a platypus of water and my new javadrip coffee thingy for fresh coffee and a small bag of coffee and sugar all thrown into my OMM 30 lit pack.

I will give a run down of the clothes worn for the gear freaks out there[me]

icebreaker 150g long sleeve atlas top,earth sea sky trekking trousers[bought these years ago in NZ and still going strong],rab generator smock and a montane lite speed smock[it was bitterly cold that wind],my montane atomic waterproof pants for all the mud and to help cut out the wind,a pair of integral design event shortie gaiters,coolmax liner socks with sealskinz socks over the top of them[an experiment and very succesful it was too after wading through a flooded cold river Eden],last of my mountain hardwear windproof beanie and merino buff.Almost forgot the shoes montrail mountain masochist.

After picking up lunch in Oxted I made my way out towards limpsfield and limpsfield chart it was great to be out the sun shinning and even with the cold wind I was warm and happy.

I found my way to an old iron age hill fort which I had spotted when evening when i was looking over maps.The fort was still there with 2 earthen banks and standing about the height of 2 houses but the local council or national trust not sure which one had been rooting out rhododendron and replanting with saplings.once nature takes hold again it will once again be a magical place i am sure but for the moment with tracks everywhere it is looking pretty sorry for its self.I managed to find a spot out of the wind and fired up the bushbuddy ultra for some soup and coffee.There is nothing quite like a hot warming drink when you are out on a cold day.

After lunch i explored the hill fort for possible bivi sites then started back home.Getting back home turned in to a bit of a slog through mud, 1 swollen river,not huge but enough to come up to my calves and plenty of flooded out footpaths.Once home it was clean time time.All in all a great day out and next time ill have pictures and possible even videos

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