The Truth

I have finally admitted the truth to myself IAM OVERWEIGHT, capitals are important.So what to do,well first off our household has turned vegetarain.Adriana has her cousin staying from Brazil and she is vegan,was vegetarian when she arrived so we thought well lets give it a go,not being vegan that’s just wrong.So at home we have a diet of beans,lentils and all things vegetable or fruit and truth be told i am enjoying it.I do eat meat whilst at work but my portion sizes have become smaller and i put on more veg than meat.

Next up i looked at what i was actually consuming,that’s where the diet steps in.I found an app on the iphone called myfitnesspal also available online which allows me to set a target weight and it sets how many calories I should be aiming for each day.So does it work well yes,ive lost 2 kg already and I am looking at what I actually eat much closer.

Now that I’m controlling my food intake next is to start exercise.I have already managed to get out for a good lung burning hike over the weekend and the mountain bike will be dusted off and taken out.I’am still trying to sync a swim into my weekly schedule but it will happen and just walking more instead of using buses for short distances.

And my target weight 76kg

ill keep you informed

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One Response to The Truth

  1. neilltupman says:

    Good luck mate, I did a similar regime last year and lost about 8 or 9 kg simply by eating better and getting out for exercise during my lunchbreak. My target weight is about 90kg though, I hope I’m a lot taller than you!!

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