Off for a walk

Saturday dawned dry but slightly overcast and with Adriana’s cousin looking after Sophia it was a chance for the two of us to get out for a walk.We set out through Oxted and before long we had reached the lovely village of Limpsfield.From there we finally hit our feet onto soil and were soon surrounded by trees.The woods are still quiet with just the sound if a few birds, mainly tits chirping away high in the tree tops.In places closer to habitation daffodils poke there heads through the leaf litter and snow drops nod there pure white heads in the breeze.
We were heading to a Iron Age hill fort that I had visited last time I was out and by 11.30 we were sitting with our backs to a tree waiting for the water to boil for our cup of coffee.It was so nice to be able to sit in peace and quiet and just enjoy each others company.I got to use my new java drop coffee filter which is a gravity drip coffee filter.There is something very satisfying in drinking fresh filter coffee in the middle of a woods miles from the nearest Starbucks.
After coffee we packed up and headed back.we had intended to have lunch at a pub in Limpsfield chart call the carpenters arms but when we tea he’d there and I ordered our pints I realised that all of my cards were missing.As it turned out after hiking back to Oxted they had fallen out in Boots when we had been in there earlier.
After a late lunch in old Oxted we headed home to a lovely welcome from Sophia, still in her pyjamas.

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One Response to Off for a walk

  1. neilltupman says:

    You ought to figure out how to get a map of your walks on here. Not sure what phone you’ve got, but I’ve got an exercise App on my Samsung that’ll track you using GPS and calculate distance travelled, elevation, average speed etc etc, as well as superimpose your GPS-tracked route onto a GoogleMaps background (which you can flick onto satellite view for a dramatic realisation of your route!). Enjoy reading these mate, keep ’em coming 🙂

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