Playing catch up

With the arrival of my soil this weekend it was time to finally get done seeds direct sown.
Monday started slowly as I had Sophia for the day whilst Adrian’s worked. So a trip to the shops and a visit from her granny and gramps meant a late start in the garden.
First of we finally got some seeds sown into the raised beds. One row each of spring onion white Lisbon, chantenay and st valery carrots, cylindra beet root and poach egg plant. We also sowed two rows of mange tout Oregon and fitted all the pea sticks in with were cut in the winter from our woodland. I also sowed a few leaf chard seeds.
After watering in and giving them all some volcanic dust we moved onto the pots . Runner beans, not sure which variety, lettuce, basil and a resowing of marmande tomatoes.
All of the brassicas sown last weekend gave started to show and we have a good supply of tomatoes if they all take
I even got a chance to take a few pictures from our woods of bluebells and march orchids so here are the pictures from a very productive day




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