Guerrilla camping

So I managed to get my self a 12 hour pass to get out for an overnight camp. Where to go,well a few months ago I managed to explore our local area and noted that an old Iron Age hill fort had the potential for a sneaky overnighter.
So there I was at 6.30pm on a Saturday evening with my bag packed and ready for the off but where had all the lovely sunshine gone.
The actual walk was very pleasant if a bit short. A total of 1.5 hours of walking but it found me on top of the hill fort with a touch of sunshine as well. It took awhile to find a good spot as the rhododendron have been scrubbed out over much of the site.i found a little clear area between a small yew and a pine surrounded by wood sorrel and bluebells. The wind was blowing quite hard so I managed to erect a wind break from some old wood and soon had my bed all set up and my dinner heating up on the bush buddy.
After dinner of black beans, Mexican chicken and rice (homemade) I settled down with a hot chocolate laced with whiskey and listened to the wind in the trees and all the sounds of the woodland. As the first star winked into life through a break in the clouds I slipped into sleep.
The morning dawned grey and chilly. I can’t believe it’s June the weather is more like autumn. 6.15am I roll over and light up the bush buddy and soon have fresh coffee on the go.
Sleeping under the stars last night with no tarp means that by 7am Iam packed and ready to go. A 2 hour stroll through beautiful green woodland and farmland sees me back home in oxted by 9am.

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