sowing seeds

right then, well finally got into the garden last weekend after all the rain we have had. Managed to sow carrots[ chantney red core, autumn king and maestro], spring onions[ white lisbon], spinach and mange tout[ oregon and oh i have managed to forget]

the soil has spent the winter hiding under membrane so was nice and weed free and just needed a rake to loosen it up. Also managed to build our bean arch in between are two raised beds. we made it out of coppiced hazel taken from our little bit of woodland.

Talking about the woodland the spring flowers are really good this year. The daffodils have been amazing, as well as the primroses which are stunning at the moment. Violets are out and wild garlic is showing its self as well as the celaedines wich are just starting to flower.

This weekend i managed  to get my some of my tomatoes sown[ gardeners delight, borghese, and tumbling toms] i have more seeds at my dads which i shall pick up on sunday when i go to start digging his allotment. Also sown were, peppers and aubergines.

I have been promised a green house this year, the base is all ready just need the other half to release the funds.

well happy gardening all.


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