IMG_0961 IMG_0950 IMG_0921 IMG_0942Here are a few shots from recent dog walks of Autumn in full swing down here in the South of England. It has been a lovely Autumn this year with  bumper hedgerow harvest. To date wuth have had crabapples, sloes, blackberries, rowans and rosehips as well as a few bags of windfall apples from various peoples gardens so i have been very busy turning all that free food into jams, jellies, chutney, and booze.

Winter is fast approaching and i feel i need to have a night out under a tarp before the year ends, hopefully when the weather is fine and cold rather than wet. But before i can get out i have all the christmas fayres to attend and i have to prepare all the food for Sophia’s 4th birthday party.

I hope the new year will bring more settled times and a chanc eto get out on some longer walks as i have to train Adriana as next June we will be walking from London  to Brighton for charity[ a 100km in 28 hours yikes]. So there will be plenty of chances to check out some new kit for her and to review some of my older kit that i never got around to testing.


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