A few spring pictures





A few pictures taken in our little bit of old English woodland

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sowing seeds

right then, well finally got into the garden last weekend after all the rain we have had. Managed to sow carrots[ chantney red core, autumn king and maestro], spring onions[ white lisbon], spinach and mange tout[ oregon and oh i have managed to forget]

the soil has spent the winter hiding under membrane so was nice and weed free and just needed a rake to loosen it up. Also managed to build our bean arch in between are two raised beds. we made it out of coppiced hazel taken from our little bit of woodland.

Talking about the woodland the spring flowers are really good this year. The daffodils have been amazing, as well as the primroses which are stunning at the moment. Violets are out and wild garlic is showing its self as well as the celaedines wich are just starting to flower.

This weekend i managed  to get my some of my tomatoes sown[ gardeners delight, borghese, and tumbling toms] i have more seeds at my dads which i shall pick up on sunday when i go to start digging his allotment. Also sown were, peppers and aubergines.

I have been promised a green house this year, the base is all ready just need the other half to release the funds.

well happy gardening all.


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Indoor salads

Last weekend I dug out my heated seed tray and with the help of Sophia we sowed a few pots of cut and come again lettuce, coriander and chives. When I looked on Tuesday of this week the lettuce seeds had already sprouted, I just hope they don’t go leggy


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IMG_0961 IMG_0950 IMG_0921 IMG_0942Here are a few shots from recent dog walks of Autumn in full swing down here in the South of England. It has been a lovely Autumn this year with  bumper hedgerow harvest. To date wuth have had crabapples, sloes, blackberries, rowans and rosehips as well as a few bags of windfall apples from various peoples gardens so i have been very busy turning all that free food into jams, jellies, chutney, and booze.

Winter is fast approaching and i feel i need to have a night out under a tarp before the year ends, hopefully when the weather is fine and cold rather than wet. But before i can get out i have all the christmas fayres to attend and i have to prepare all the food for Sophia’s 4th birthday party.

I hope the new year will bring more settled times and a chanc eto get out on some longer walks as i have to train Adriana as next June we will be walking from London  to Brighton for charity[ a 100km in 28 hours yikes]. So there will be plenty of chances to check out some new kit for her and to review some of my older kit that i never got around to testing.


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Catch up

Well where to begin. It’s been a few months since I posted last so I think I’ll break my posts up a bit over the next few days.
So I’ll start with work. After being in full time work for the last 3 years I have recently found my self back on the freelance market after quitting work 5 weeks ago after I felt I was being managed out. The last 4 weeks I have spent at home being a house husband, more about that later in another post.
Today sees me back working freelance for the next 4 days. I hope to pick up work from now until Christmas and then see what the new year brings, there are several things in the pipeline which sound very interesting.

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The changing seasons

This morning whilst walking the dog it was plain to see that the season was changing. There is now slightly less light in the morning than a month ago and the grass is now heavy each morning with dew. There was a mist rolling in from the north downs.
The hedgerows fruits are starting to show signs of ripening, sloes have a faint purple blush and the blackberries are starting to turn from green to red.
The summer rushes forward to autumn and hopefully with the rain we have had after the mini heat wave and with warm days still likely we may have a bountiful autumn. I am hoping for sloes, for making into sloe whiskey. Blackberries for jams and jelly. Rosehips for syrup and haws and rowanberries for turning into jellies.



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Dog rose in flower

The hedgerows are full of dog rise all in flower so hopefully there will be plenty of hips thus autumn for making rose hip syrup



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